Courses run regularly throughout the year in Buckinghamshire and London. They are also available as residential workshops through Serenity Retreat.

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Love yourself, heal your life

Next dates:

3-4 November 2018 - Lancaster Hall Hotel, Hyde Park, London

Working with all four aspects of ourselves – mind, body, spirit and emotions – this weekend programme will equip you with the understanding, tools and inspiration to start living a more authentic and fulfilling life.

You’ll learn how to eliminate negative thinking, heal the past and stop sabotaging yourself, create healthier relationships, replace self-criticism with self-approval, and identify the life you want and how to get it.

The Workshop will also lead you to a new level of thinking and understanding yourself and your life, giving you the chance to experience inner peace, self-love, a new level of self esteem and a healthy release of emotion.


Throughout the weekend we’ll work on:

• How our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives

• Awareness of negative thoughts and how to change them

• Family patterns and how they affect our lives and choices

• Healing the child within us

• Dealing with difficult emotions

• Forgiving ourselves and others

• Unlocking a new future by learning to love ourselves and others

• Creating healthy relationships

• Freeing ourselves from damaging patterns and behaviour

• Creating perfect health

• Finding a sense of purpose, and

• Writing a new story for our lives

If parts of your life aren’t working, if you keep finding life repeating itself, or if you are just looking for that elusive ‘something more’ from life, then this workshop is for you.

EARLY BIRD fee £245. Full price £275. Fourteen places only. BOOK NOW through Dialogues 

One Day Workshops


Saturday November 17th, The Priory, Willen Lake, Milton Keynes, £60

This one day course is another powerful opportunity for self-discovery and change. New exercises, meditations and processes will lead us to the next level of healing and growth.

During the day we’ll:

* go deeper within to identify more old patterns and limiting beliefs - and release them

* work on the places where we’re still stuck including relationships, career and abundance

* learn to let go of self criticism and judgement

* identify what we want to create in our lives

* practice forgiveness and healing.

There is always something more to learn, and new levels of awareness and self-love to go to. This re-energising day is a chance for those of us familiar with the Heal Your Life principles and work to reconnect with each - and with ourselves.

To reserve a place email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call me on 0779106 5362


Saturday 26 January 2019

This one day workshop is all about understanding and shifting your beliefs around lack and abundance - in every area of your life.  Although the exercises and insights are based on the ideas of Louise Hay no experience is necessary - just a desire to transform your relationship with money, time, love - and any other area where you are experiencing lack

Topics we’ll be working with include: • Becoming aware of our consciousness around money and prosperity • Learning how to let go of lack • Practising gratitude • Opening ourselves to abundance in every area of our lives.

Residential workshops


March 8-10 2019 - PEAK DISTRICT

Facilitated by Kim Bennett and Jane Matthews.

What does it mean to live softly?

It’s the opposite of how most of us live: efforting, fighting, resisting. At the heart of this workshop is the belief that when we learn how to let go of the idea that life is hard, we can end the struggle and create a life that works.

Based on Jane’s forthcoming book of the same name, our weekend retreat will help you:

discover what effect hard thinking has on your life and how to let it go

identify a new approach to transform your experience in the areas many of us find the hardest – relationships, work, purpose, abundance, well-being and self-esteem; we’ll do work in each of these

change your relationship with yourself as you understand the effects of being hard on yourself and learn to practice genuine self-care

practice techniques of non-resistance – learning to love what is – in order to experience more peace and happiness in daily life

see how by loosening your grip on the controls, asking for help and trusting the outcome, will enable you to flow with life in a way you never have before…

Over the weekend there’ll be insight, inspiration – and the fun you’d expect from an approach that is all about lightening up! This workshop is for anyone who has ever found themselves wondering why life is so hard. Come and learn to let go and flow!

Jane has had great success with this course in Greece and Kim is joining her for the UK sessions, adding a few more meditation and self-compassion practices to the timetable. As always, you do as much or as little as you feel like doing.

The price includes:

2 nights accommodation

All meals

All guidance/teaching

Guided Mindfulness Movement

Guided Mindful Walking

Private chats, if you’d like

What to Bring

Walking Shoes/Boots if you plan to wander a bit

Journal or Notebook and Pen

Book to read (not obligatory - just if you feel you’d like to)

Mindful Colouring Books and Pens - although we’ll have a small supply (once again, not obligatory - just if this is your thing)

Clothing appropriate to UK seasonal weather!

An open and questioning mind

If this is feeling like something you’d like to do you can use this booking form. A deposit of £50 will save your place.

Book through Serenity Retreat:


June 2-9 2019 -Serenity Retreat, Lefkada, Greece

Same course, but spread over a wonderful week in one of the most magical places on this planet. See the full details here: /p

Heal your life in the Greek sunshine!

Now you can join a workshop and have a holiday at the same time. Serenity Retreat was set up by my friend Kim, and is aimed at those on a spiritual, personal development or 12 step journey; courses are optional, there are no single supplements, and the number of those coming again and again and again says it all about what an all-round amazing experience it offers. Places fill quickly so whizz over to the site and take a look.

In 2017 I'll be offering a new course - Living Softly.

What does it mean to live softly? It’s the opposite of how most of us live: efforting, fighting, resisting, and at the heart of this workshop is the belief that when we learn how to let go of the idea that life is hard, we can end the struggle and create a life that works. You'll find the full details on the Serenity Retreat website, but this workshop is for anyone who has ever found themselves wondering why life is so hard. Come and learn to let go and flow!

Prices and other information are all on the Serenity Retreat website - which will hopefully give you a flavour of what a very special kind of holiday retreat you'll be signing up for. The best kind of break is one which sends you home a little (or even a lot!) changed. I promise you that that's exactly what the combination of workshop programme, peace, sunshine, meditation, visualisation, good food, fun, new friendships, and a wholly laid-back atmosphere of acceptance will do.


Here's what recent workshop participants have had to say...

“Thank you so much for guiding me through my special journey to happiness. The knowledge and love you have shared is an incredible gift I will never forget. You have inspired me and set me free to make more of my life.”

“It has been an amazing week and tranformational. You are truly an inspiring person.”

“Thank you for shining a light to better things and brighter days.”

“Thank you for your sincerity, support, your stories, hugs and your love. You have totally inspired and re-energised me.”

“It was the most amazing experience. I now realise that I can embrace who I am and I can choose not to be the person that other people want me to be. I am still buzzing from it!”

“It's allowed me to focus on what I need to do. I have read the book but working with others makes such a difference and has moved me forwards leaps and bounds. Ten out of ten!”

“Worth every penny. I am using so much of what I learned and feel truly liberated.”

"I was impressed and moved and shaken (in a good way). Powerful stuff - thank you!"

"It is impossible to place a value on what you have given. Thank you for healing my life."

"No therapist has enabled me to achieve such a deep sense of acceptance! Words cannot express my gratitude. I had no idea when I embarked on this workshop that it would have the profound effect it has! I had no idea that I would achieve such a deep level of healing! I say thank you to you and thank you to the universe for bringing this incredible opportunity into my life."

"You have allowed me to find my way out of darkness and into the light."