The best year of your life starts here

Have the Best Year of Your Life is a year-long programme of simple activities and ideas that aim to help you make shifts in the key areas of your life. Over the course of the book the entries build on each other to offer you 365 days of learning ... discovery ... growth ... fun and, above all ... transformation.

What’s new?

Have the Best Year of Your Life differs from other self help titles in offering a refreshing alternative to the more usual ‘change your life in seven days’ approach. One that is:

Effective – because it’s based on the belief that, for most of us, genuine transformation is usually an incremental process. Too often, change your life books are the equivalent of new year’s resolutions: quick fixes that inspire for a few days until they come up against the reality of our engrained habits and beliefs.

Practical – because the book’s approach recognises that most of us are too busy to commit to any programme that demands too much of our time and attention. Each day’s activity can be easily incorporated into real life, taking as much or as little time as you choose.

Wide-ranging – because few of us who come to the self help shelves of any bookstore would say we’re looking for change in just one area of our lives. Have the Best Year of Your Life offers you guidance in gently reviewing every part of your life; and the tools to make changes wherever you need to.

A Journey Shared

This year is going to be my best year too. The book has been three or four years in the making as I've begun to demand more from my life, come across lots of wonderful writers and teachers, learned from those who attend my workshops, and used all the tools and techniques you'll find in Have the Best Year of Your Life. Now's my chance to join you on your adventure by working through the book from day one to day 365 too.

As I do so I'll be sharing my experiences in a best year blog which you can follow here read the blog. Hopefully you'll want to add your own comments and experiences alongside. Let's see what we can learn from each other!

Try before you buy

If you'd like to know a little more about how Have the Best Year of Your Life works, what to expect from the activities, and whether it's for you, you can download the introduction to the book here. The extract is in PDF format so you'll need Adobe Reader in order to view it. You can download that free here Adobe Reader.

Buy The Book

Have the Best Year of Your Life is now out. You can order a copy from your local bookstore, buy direct from Amazon, or buy direct from me.

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In the meantime, here's the latest feeback:

"Have the best year of your life" is the best book ever!! I am on week 6 now and it is like all the self help books rolled into one book!! It has become my bible - I think I will do it every year!!! I've bought myself flowers for my bedroom, made my favourite dinner, got a takeaway, signed up for the "thought of the day" website, got back into meditation and am generally starting to like myself a little bit!! Oh and so so much more!! So a very big Thank You for this amazing book!! It's saved me from deep depression." Jo

"Wow. Wow. Wow. This is without a doubt one of the best books I have ever read and will continue to read every day and re-read again and again. It really is that good. This book was written by Jane Matthews as a present to her sister and she describes it as ‘a companion on a 12 month journey to a life full of joy, discovery and purpose’, and it delivers just that. Each day the reader is set a task to complete, and every week these tasks involve seven areas which can lead to a richer and more joyful life. - Grow, explore, expand, receive, give, connect and commit. The tasks are fun and challenging and really make you think about the different aspects of life and how to get the most out of every day. I look forward to my daily mission and have read on many times as I can’t wait to get to the next one. This book has made me really look at myself and the way I conduct my life, reflecting on past times, the present and my future hopes and dreams. The tasks vary from things as simple as taking a walk in the park and collecting treasure in the form of acorns or anything else you may come across, to the more challenging ones that involve the reader to really think about themselves and how and why we act the way we do and what may have happened to make us be that way and have the beliefs we hold. Several times, I feel I have undergone an epiphany while reading this and carrying out the various tasks which I have found hugely liberating and very entertaining. Jane mentions various self help books in this book and I hope to get around to reading them one day, however this book stands alone and is definitely one of the most efficient and effective self help books available. The teachings are offered in bite size chunks each day giving you time to reflect upon each lesson and this is where this book really won me over. The lessons I am learning are staying with me as they never have with other books proclaiming to enrich your life. My copy of ‘Have the best year of your life yet’, is very well used and dog-eared and I would highly recommend this book as it is ‘one in a million’ and could be the best £10.99 you have every spent. Jane Matthews speaks a lot about synchronicity and I firmly believe it was just that, that delivered this book to my door. Thank you Jane and I wish you every success as it is well deserved. Lindsay Sinclair, Eternal Spirit magazine

I've become a bit jaded with self help books over the years. Lots of promise and little practical delivery (lots of theorising) in many of them. However, this promises something a little different. Bite sized suggestions for the next 365 days that take into account me as an entire person - emotionally, physically and spiritually. So if you're looking for something wise, practical, fun, thought provoking and easy to read (and I've gleaned all that having just read the Intro and the first week!) - then this is a good book for you. Here comes the Best Year of My Life.... Kim Bennett, Serenity Retreat

"Instead of being an understudy, I am the leading lady in my life! This book has taught me how to bring colour and texture to my days in an exciting and challenging way. I have learnt not only to enjoy the moments, but to make those moments richer and more memorable. I looked forward to each day's activity and after 365 days wanted to start all over again. I trusted the paths it took me down and was rewarded with the best year of my life." Shirley Paley