Sense and sensibility

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I’ve just started a book by one of my favourite writers, Julia Cameron. Best-known for her her classic The Artist’s Way Julia was showing people how to be ‘artists in living’ decades before I wrote my book. If you haven’t come across her work then do look her up. (And look out for my Artist’s Way workshop coming soon!)

Her words were the perfect reminder, sipping tea in bed, window open so I could breathe in that wonderful fresh early-morning light and air, to savour such moments. As Julia says, so succinctly:

“Sight leads to insight. Hearing leads to being here. Touching puts us in touch. Scent brings us to our senses.”

What better reminder to use ALL your senses today, and to remind yourself to do so often?

Another way to remind yourself is to follow her suggestion of writing a list of 50 things you particularly savour. Be as specific as you can and, like me, you’ll find yourself asking “If I love sitting in the garden with a cuppa, watching the cats play, so much, why don’t I do it more often?” “If I adore the smell of tomato plants why not make time for a few moments in the greenhouse every day?” “If one of my favourite tastes in the world, one that always summons up holidays for me, is fresh crusty bread and cheese, why am I so often found hunched over my computer at lunchtime with a dull, rubbery plastic pack of sandwiches?”

“If I love the feel of cool grass on the soles of my feet, or warm sand sqeezing through my toes, why don’t I kick my shoes off sometimes, instead of waiting for those rare times I am away?”

What will you savour today?

Posted by Jane Matthews on 06/26 at 06:31 AM
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Regrets? Don’t have a few…

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a quick link today to a useful reminder of the importance of making changes now. In this blogpost Bronnie Ware, who spent years nursing the dying, writes tellingly on the regrets her patients most often shared: Top five regrets of the dying

The regrets she mentions chime perfectly with the messages that came from a film I happened to be watching last night -  Wayne Dyer’s The Shift . One of Dyer’s powerful themes is that the things and beliefs that served us in the ‘morning’ of our lives are often no longer true when we shift into the ‘afternoon’.

Be yourself. Don’t let your song die unheard. Be happy.

Posted by Jane Matthews on 06/15 at 07:25 AM
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